I love to do things that I'm passionate about

For me it's not about how much I earn or I spend, it's about how much I love it.
I invest my time, money and effort on things that I love the most

What I do

I manage IT resources and systems

I'm Microsoft Certified Professional MCP I provide stable computing environment in workplaces.

I develop online businesses

I'm Digital Marketing Manager Certified by WSI I manage to use modern online technology to serve business needs.

I teach Scuba Diving when I have enough time

I hold valid international license from PADI to teach recreational Scuba Diving.

I love wreck and deep diving

I love to discover new things underwater, and I love to explore deep water.

I'm in love with horse riding

I'm still beginner but I love it and I'm planning to be an instructor.

Gymnastics keep me healthy and happy

Gymnastics for me is not about flips and movements, it's about strength, flexibility, ability, and control.

I love traveling, nature and adventure

I love to travel seeking for beautiful nature, adventure and inner peace.

I dive against debris

I love nature and underwater world, so I dive against debris, I support Project Aware and I will always fight back against marine debris to protect our mother nature and ocean.

Looking for more ...

Let's Get In Touch

If you think that I can help you with any of my passions, please let me hear from you